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Omayra Issa - Anchor, Inclusive Leader, Speaker
Omayra Issa - Global Perspective, Human Stories
Award-winning journalist, speaker, host & moderator

Global perspective, human stories

Storytelling connects people at a global level. Born in Morocco and raised in Niger, I’m a Canadian and global citizen able to navigate different cultural sensibilities. I was raised in a family where people dedicated their lives to public service, and working together for a common good is second nature to me. In my 15 years in communications, journalism, media advocacy, and international affairs, I’ve seen that it’s always the human stories that resonate the most. I’m passionate about illuminating unique perspectives and exploring new ideas.

Through telling high-impact stories at CBC, I’ve contributed to important conversations around the globe. My journalism has changed education policy, strengthened communities, and held space for people to share their unique stories. As the co-creator and co-producer of CBC’s award-winning Black on the Prairies, I helped contribute to Canada’s national story. I guide purpose-driven leaders to spark positive change.

My story
Inclusive leader using large-scale narrative to drive impact & change

Expertise, collaboration, and innovation

I’m an award-winning journalist, producer, panelist, and communicator. My collaborators value my expertise in purposeful storytelling and high engagement content.

I have a proven record of driving complex conversations to build better futures.

Let’s make powerful change together.
Omayra Issa - Inclusive Leader