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You’re an expert in your field, an innovative leader. You’re making important changes in your community and around the world. You want to collaborate with someone who gets where you’re coming from, with the global expertise to engage a diverse audience.

Omayra Issa - Award-winning, transformative storytelling

Award-winning, transformative storytelling

Fluent in five languages and able to navigate different cultural sensibilities, I bring 15 years of expertise in communications, journalism, media advocacy, and international affairs. I’ve been celebrated for forging strong relationships across diverse communities worldwide. My work has won awards and changed education policy. I define success as a collective experience, not an individual achievement. All my projects have one thing in common: strengthening communities through authentic storytelling. 

To me, nothing is more rewarding than collaborating with someone who has a bold story to tell, and who isn’t afraid to step off the beaten path with me. I’m energized by renewal and rethinking what’s possible.  I’m a strategic forward-thinker, and I love helping organizations and institutions shift perspectives.

“She has sparked needed public conversations on contemporary issues ranging from education, health, gender, diversity, and inclusion.”

Dr. Priscilla Settee, Professor Emerita of Indigenous Studies at the University of Saskatchewan


Critically Acclaimed Journalism & Large Scale Narrative Building


“A must read.”

Nahlah Ayed, Host of CBC’s Ideas

“Thank you for this work.”

Ailish Campbell, Ambassador of Canada to the European Union

“Seeing all these stories makes me feel like I am and I was not alone.”

Samaya Miller, audience member